Hand cut and sewn Blue Jean BLu Heart patch on your choice of a sweatshirt or hoodie

upgrade to Level II to add hand painted "BLu" caligraphy to your garnmet or Level III to get the full designer treatment in the Style BLu is know for 

please leave a Phone number or email to be reached for a consult within 48 hr

BHs Blue Jean custom patch Season 1

Upgrade It
  • 1. These items are hand made and 1 of 1, duplicates are not available

    2. Any design or project can be rejected. As demand grows limited slots will be available to purchase, and as the artist, we have the right to refuse work for any reason. 

    3. NO REFUNDS!!! Once the project has started there is no turning back! Projects normally start within 72 hrs once ordered.

    4. Special requests may be extra!!! special request include non-BHs material and character work ie. cartoon characters and personal branding, 

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